Airships: Conquer The Skies Review

In Airships: Conquer the Skies, players construct steampunk vehicles and use them to conquer the world. Ships are shown in a side-on “ant farm” view, with air sailors running around, manning the guns, carrying ammo, putting out fires.

Air combat is a visceral thing: ships ram and push against each other and boarding parties use grappling hooks to invade enemy ships. Below, giant land ships move on legs and tracks. Nature has its own terrors: sky krakens with tentacles that grab and devour crew, house-sized spiders, and horse-sized spider-lings, dragons to fear and tame.

Airships: Conquer The Skies Review


So I have put some hours into the game and what I have found out is that the game is very enjoyable and you wouldn’t have thought that by looking at the game. The overall aim of the game is to Dominate the landscape of the game, and what’s better than doing so with an array of steampunk airships and tanks of your own design? Before taking to the skies and subsequently conquering them, players must build an array of assault vehicles. There’s the option to start from scratch and construct some sort of misguided behemoth or you can build onto, or personalize, a selection of preset designs. What I really like about Airships is the Customization. You can build anything that you can imagine. You have many modules to build with like the whole armory of weaponry, a selection of resource caches, barracks and bunk-rooms for your crew, the list goes on.


I really like the look of airships with its 2D pixel art style. The simple the game looks the better the game is and that is true for airships. The sound production is very simple but it works very well in the game. What I really like is the music track.


So what is my conclusion, well, I really enjoyed my time with airships: Conquer the skies. What I liked the most was that I could build my dream ship and take it out and fight the enemies. If you are a big fan of airship building with its 2D pixel art style then this is a must buy.

Rating: 2.8 out of 5


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