Ancestors Legacy Review

Hi Gamers and welcome back to another review. today i am reviewing Ancestors Legacy. so what is Ancestors Legacy. The Game is historical real time strategy game set in the Middle Ages, during 10th-12th centuries. . It has a strong emphasis on tactical actions in both single player mode and multiplayer mode. With clever management and strategy, players will succeed in combat, on which the gameplay is strongly focused. Single player missions are based on historical events which occurred in these Dark Ages. Each RTS fan will find features that suits their needs. Those unfamiliar with the genre, should find this title to be a great starting point.


I managered to play a big chunk of the game and may i say that i really enjoyed playing. when you first start the game you get to pick 4 playable nations Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German and Slavs in an extensive single player campaign inspired by historical events. During the campaign i failed a few mission but the game has a learning curve and you have to plan your next move and tactically overcome your enemies. managing and organizing your team is very simple and within a few minintes it felt that i have palying playing for a while. you wont on

ly be fighting, you will have to managed your temporary bases and settlements if you have any chance of winning. What i really like about Ancestors Legacy is the cinematic action camera that puts you in the middle of the battle. The game also comes with a multiplayer mode so you can battle your friends online. what is very surprising that the game supports a gamepad and it works very well.


Destructive Creations has created a good looking game, with my video settings set to the highest setting and it just looks beautiful. the lighting effects really brings this game to life.The Developer has done a great job in the sound production in this game. from the sword swinging, flames burning, people screaming to the in game music i felt that i went back in time. The voice acting in the game is some of the best in the RTS genre and it makes you engage in the story and the game.

Destructive Creations has crafted a RTS Masterpiece and every time i had to go i couldn’t put it down. this has to be one of the best looking RTS games to date and if you are a big fan of this genre then this is a must buy.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (excellent)

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