Bomber Crew Review on Xbox One

Bomber Crew Review on Xbox One

Hi gamers and welcome to another review and today I am reviewing Bomber Crew. Bomber Crew is a World War 2 strategic bombing sim, where keeping your crew alive is just as important as completing the objective, as death is permanent!.

Bomber Crew Gameplay:

So I have played a few hours of Bomber crew and may I say its an easy going point and click game that is set WW2. You control Lancaster bomber crews behind enemy lines, attempting to destroy their most coveted assets. While dealing with various hazards such as flak guns, enemy radar, weather and dreaded Ace Pilots. Recruiting, training, guiding the right crew, and keeping them alive. This is all vital in turning the tides of war and achieving success on your bombing campaign. Upon closer evaluation, it becomes apparent just how unforgiving this game can be.

Bomber Crew Graphics/Sound:

Bomber Crew has an art style that I really like with its cartoonish look. The Crew reminds me of the Nintendo Miis. There isn’t much detail on the ground but that is not important as you are in the sky most of the time. You can get many skies for your plane to make it stand out which I really like. Runner Duck has done a really good job in the sound production in this game, from the spinning blades of the Lancaster Bomber to your enemies falling out of the sky.



Runner Duck has done a great job creating this World War 2 strategic bombing sim and once I started playing I couldn’t put the controller down. There is so much to do in the game with so many missions and levels to complete. If you are into strategic bombing sim set in WW2 then I would highly recommend you play this.

Rating 2.9 out of 5

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