Elea Episode 1 Review

In Elea, gamers will take on the role of Elea, a scientist in the year 2073. Earth has been struck by a terrible disease that turns children into violent deviants. Elea and her husband were part of an expedition to colonize a new planet to save earth’s children and population. In Elea, you will play a story based on numerous classic science fiction books. The games premise is that you are investigating what happened to that expedition and its recovery. What will we find in space? Only time will tell in this story based game.


The gameplay in Elea is really pretty basic and there really isn’t much to to. The controls are really clunky and voice acting is simply terrible. The premise of the game is really interesting and the beginning of the game starts out strongly. Once you enter into the actual game and begin to play, it becomes a waste of time. Just navigating the opening segment is an absolute disaster. You control the main character as she walks around completing the story progression tasks that are presented. I can see that the game tried to be a more interactive version of popular Telltale games but seriously falls flat and achieves nothing. Throughout the game its hard to maintain focus or interest.


The graphics in Elea are really bad. The lighting is too dark at certain points and makes navigating the game hard. Visually it tries to standout, yet falls terribly flat. The environments are bland and ugly. In a game that says its science fiction, it tried to hard and doesn’t deliver. It doesn’t look nor does it feel sci-fi, its looks like the early 2000s at best.


The game sound is good, although sometimes its too loud. The sound mixing is really bad and needs some work. The voice acting is really poor with the actors sounding as uninterested in doing the game as I was playing it.

Overall Elea is a missed chance to challenge the dominance in the episodic genre by Telltale. The game is really bad and doesn’t play well. There really isn’t much else to say about this game other then its needs lots work to even warrant an episode two.



  • Attempts sci-fi and fails 
  • Poor voice acting 
  • Completely uninteresting 
  • Doesn’t merit more then one playthrough 


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