‘Exodus’ set for Steam Early Access launch on August 20th

Corona MotorSport, Genesis Developers team up again for another game

Charlotte, NC, August 6, 2018– In collaboration with Kubala Virtual Reality Applications (KVRA), LucasGame Studios is set to release ‘Exodus’, a survival-crafting based game.

‘Exodus’ takes place in an alternate version of Earth where the Soviet Government won the race to the moon. Space travel flourished, and large lunar colonies began to sprawl on its surface. Colonists from around the world rushed for the opportunity to go down in history as the first brave pioneers to conquer this fresh frontier. You play as a lone colonist, sent by the Aurora Corporation to participate in the colonization of the moon.

After crash landing in one of the most inhospitable environments known to man, the player must attempt to survive using nothing but simple tools and resources.

“Exodus is based on 3 principles: Build, Explore, Survive. The beauty of those basic principles is that they all rely on each other. To survive, you must build a place suitable for sustaining life, but to do that, you need resources, and you cannot get resources without exploration. We want to encourage the player to venture out into the unknown, because their survival literally depends on it.” – David Kubala, KVRA

The first release of ‘Exodus’ features a procedural terrain system, meaning that the player will never reach the end of the map, as the world around them is being continuously created by algorithms. Players can locate resources buried underground using a tool known as the “Resource Locator” and subsequently dig for them using the supplied pickaxe. Players can also build a vast array of different items, ranging from habitats to vehicles.

Development on ‘Exodus’ began earlier this year in April, with the first Alpha version planned to release on August 20th, 2018.

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