ICEY on Nintendo Switch Review

ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game. As you follow the narrator’s omnipresent voice, you will see through ICEY’s eyes and learn the truth about her world. Being that this is a spoiler free review I won’t go in to the story, which is pretty weird to be honest. This has to be the most unique game that I’ve ever experienced or played, ever! I love 2D side scrolling game as they are one of my favorite genres. We are going to look at gameplay, graphics, and sound.






As stated above ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game, that puts emphasis on combat. The combat is a lot of fun in the beginning but does get boring and repetitive towards the end. There are parts of the game where the battles really drag on and the enemies never really present much of a challenge. I found that I got really tired of the enemies and there wasn’t enough variation. There were some parts of the combat where you fought and fought against the same enemies. When I had thought that I had beaten the stage, more enemies spawned and its started all over again. You can upgrade your characters moves and abilities but they seem to be underpowered and don’t really help in battles. This of course is how I found the combat to be, your own experience might be different. There are certain points in the game you can access the upgrade station although these upgrades require in game currency which is collected by combat. Basically you collect money when you fight which is all the time. I’m still trying to decided if I actually enjoyed this game’s combat or if I just got bored with it. If you liked Metal Gear Rising, then you will love this game. Think of this as a side scrolling Metal Gear Rising. The one thing that really got to me was the annoying narrator, it was a distraction and totally made the game hard to bare. I felt as if it was mean’t to be comic relief but instead it was a pain in the backside. There was even a level where I was told that the game had taken so many years to make and I should give it a 5 star rating. Then all of a sudden I was kicked back to the beginning of the game. All of my progress was erased and I started over from stretch.






The graphics are actually really good. The characters are really well represented and look really nice. The main character ICEY looks really good and as you may know is the best looking part of the game. I think this was because she is games main character and protagonist. The environments were were actually really nice to look at and gave the game a really nice feel. Once again Ill go back to Metal Gear Rising and say that the graphics were really similar as far as style is concerned. The only real issues I can take with the graphics are the enemies are really look as if the they were not given as much thought as ICEY.


I actually really enjoyed the music in the game. It was really awesome and I felt besides ICEY it was the best part of the game. Sounds in video games are really what keep people coming back and I have to say it made this game worth coming back to play. In a game that really doesn’t offer too much in my opinion, the music was really a nice touch. It went well with what ICEY was trying to achieve.

ICEY is a game that is loved by so many gamers, after being out for almost 2 years on other platforms. I can say that as far as I am concerned this game isn’t my cup of tea. Its really poorly thought out and the enemies are just to repetitive. The storyline is a weird and its combat grows stale really fast. I can say however that the music is absolutely outstanding and the one of the redeeming qualities that the game has, other then the main character ICEY.  I know many players will love this but its not for me. I’m glad that I was able to play it but once is enough and there are no plans to return to world of ICEY anytime soon. gives ICEY


-Stale Combat


-ICEY is an intriguing character but not enough to redeem the game.

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