Lumines Remastered Review

Lumines Review on the Xbox One

I’m a huge fan of Tetris and I will admit I’ve never played the original Lumines. I came into Lumines Remastered with a fresh perspective. I will say that as a fan of this puzzle genre, I’m not a fan of this game. Now that doesn’t mean its bad but it doesn’t mean that its good. I love games and I’m willing to try any all games out there. This is one game that I wish I could have avoided to be honest. There was so much hype built around this game but it just didn’t get going. Despite a fantastic effort by Resonair, the game is just boring. Lumines Remastered includes a variety of game modes so there is definitely a wealth of content. You have time attack where you to clear all the blocks in a set amount of time, puzzle where you solve a puzzle by creating a shape within a set amount of time. There is also a missions mode where you have to clear within yet another set time frame. There are a total of 50 missions to complete.


The overall gameplay in Lumines Remastered is really a mixed bag. There are moments it can be fun and other times it can be really frustrating. There is never a clear-cut goal in the game and I found my self quitting more than enjoying the game. In Lumines you have to match the 2×2 blocks of the same color to make more blocks in order to the clear the blocks. All modes have a set time and when that time is up, if you haven’t cleared more blocks is game over and you’re given a fail screen. While you are going about clearing the blocks there are lights, music and action going on the background. Lumines Remastered is really easy to pick up and is simple enough to master as well. Although it really does lack a defining fun factor. The mode I liked best was puzzle, because it was the more like Tetris then the rest.


The graphics in Lumines Remastered are Xbox 360 quality at best. I had thought for a remastered game on a console as powerful as the Xbox One, the game would look better. While you are playing and matching up blocks you can get a bit side tracked by the all that’s happening in the background. It’s a real mess that can really  put a strain on the eyes if you’re not careful. While colorful and vibrant, Lumines feels more like a game that should be on the PS VITA or Xbox 360.


There is one aspect of Lumines Remastered I really enjoyed, the music. It was loud, exciting, and vibrant. It made an otherwise drab experience better. I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed the soundtrack of this game. It really saved the game and made me want to come back after I had quit. I would love to have the soundtrack because it’s absolutely awesome!

After watching the trailers and gameplay of  Lumines Remastered, I have to say that I was bitterly disappointed by this game. This year I have played a lot of games and reviewed some pretty bad games. This one isn’t the worst, but it’s definitely not one that I will be playing anytime soon. Still its a game that if you love games like Tetris, you should try. I have been harsh yet at the same time honest as well. You will really have to like puzzle games to enjoy Lumines Remastered.


-Needs a major graphics overall to be considered a Xbox One game

-Doesn’t really have that fun factor of Tetris 

– Has a really amazing soundtrack

-If you love puzzle games, then you should try Lumines Remastered 

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