The Banner Saga 3 Review – The End Has Come

The Banner Saga 3 Review: Is it Worth Buying?

The Banner Saga is one of the best RPG series there is in the modern era of video games. Banner Saga’s story based gameplay has gathered a huge following of fans from around the globe. The game mixes its unique story telling with turn based strategic combat. The Banner Saga is a game that most gamers, even the ones news to turn based RPGs can easily pick up and play. I have played and reviewed The Banner Saga one and two, waiting patiently for next installment. My experience with The Banner Saga is exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and its been delightful. This review will not cover story or specifics, as to let players have a fresh experience.

The Game

My experience with The Banner Saga 3 has been one of the best experiences I’ve had with an RPG or video game. The story is compelling, emotional, and choice based, that keeps you wanting more of the story long after it’s over. The team over at Stoic have crafted one of the best experiences of the year. Banner Saga 3 is the final chapter is this story driven Viking RPG series. Winning 4 BAFTA awards is by no means an easy feat. In the final installment, the world is crumbling around you. The decisions you make will determine your fate and that of the ones you hold dear. There are a host of new features including ability to add new characters to you party, the Dredge. You can add some Dredge heroes to your part in a last-ditch effort to stop the darkness.

In The Banner Saga 3, you can also customize your heroes play style deeper then the previous games. Players will also be going up against waves of new enemies and some old foes as well. Players will also be able to carry over their choices from the first two games once again. In Banner Saga 3, no hero is safe from the darkness. Once again the score is brought brilliantly to life by the very talented Austin Wintory, who is a Grammy nominated and BAFTA winning composer.


The Banner Saga 3 really does improve on the previous games with deeper combat and character customization. I really liked the newest feature where you can continue to fight to gain more renown. I really enjoyed this feature and it made each fight worth fighting. Each fight felt as if it could be my last or maybe some in my party’s last. Every encounter brought the weight of the previous game’s decisions and the impact of my choices.

The combat for the most part was basically the same as the first two games, with a few upgrades and tweaks added to keep it fresh. The Banner Saga has some of the best turn based gameplay in an RPG, so not too much was needed to keep it fresh. New enemies and character kept the story fresh and exciting, as well bringing back the Dredge adding continuity for this final game. The Banner Saga 3 is emotional, every conversation is important and every decision weighs heavy on your mind.

I want you to think way back to The Banner Saga, remember the Dredge baby? Remember losing a wagon over a cliff and sending your men to their death to retrieve it? In The Banner Saga 2, when many fell to their death while a bridge was built on thin air. These choices are gave the human edge to the series, the little moments. The Banner Saga 3 is no different, as it’s no short of gut wrenching moments. Moments that make you want to cry and regret decisions made in the first two games.

Throughout my entire playthrough I felt helpless and I never really knew how it would end, each decision was made carefully. Every battle fought as if the fate of the world depended on it and it did. I really enjoyed the amazing cuts scenes, these were introduced in the second game and are really good. They added a nice depth to the story. Every cutscene was emotional as you felt as if you were there experiencing what the characters were going through.


The graphics were also greatly improved upon as well. This is the best looking Banner Saga and the cut scenes are some the best looking in any game I’ve played. The art team have done a fantastic job of creating a world that is living and breathing, with believable characters. Every¬†characters have his or hers own personality that really resonates with the player. I really enjoyed how the locations looked in The Banner Saga 3 as they were more alive than in the previous games. Each city was upgraded to look absolutely incredible and Arberrang particularly looked amazing.


Austin Wintory really brought the game to life with his amazing score. The music in The Banner Saga 3 is some the best I’ve heard yet in a video game. The Banner Saga 3 is one of the best games I’ve ever played and its a perfect game for those who love RPGs. It’s an adventure that will live long in my memory and will leave a lasting impact on the gaming world. I enjoyed it from start to finish and can’t wait to play it again. From likable characters to thrilling enemies, The Banner Saga 3 has it all.¬† I’m sad that end has come and what an end it was.


  • Graphically the best looking Banner Saga game
  • Thrilling end to the saga
  • Emotional thrill ride from start to finish
  • Game of the Year hands down


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