The Darkside Detective’s final case for Season 1 is out now! 

Spooky Doorway’s The Darkside Detective’s final case for Season 1 is out now!

Spooky Doorway are excited to announce that The Darkside Detective releases its final case for season one today. All PC players will have access to this new content, which launches on the one year anniversary since the game’s original release, and it’s FREE! Season one concludes with ‘Baits Motel’ which is a high-octane, action-packed, probably explosion-filled finale! Our heroes head to Trout Of This World, a museum for oddities fished from Lake Monster, to celebrate none other than Officer Dooley’s birthday. A relaxing (other than the aforementioned explosions, obviously) way to cap off an exciting year for our admittedly not-terribly-dynamic duo and the Spooky Doorway team.

Where cultists crawl, where demons dwell, where the occult… occults? you’ll find Detective Francis McQueen, the sole member of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division. When evil darkens the doorsteps of Twin Lakes City – hell, even when it just loiters around shop fronts or hangs out in shady alleyways – he’s there, ready to investigate the cases that nobody else will. He is The Darkside Detective.

The Darkside Detective is a classic point and click adventure game with a distinct sense of humor. It’s being developed for PC and Mac and is set to be released this year. Come and join Detective McQueen and Officer Dooley as they investigate 6 bizarre cases*. From the occult to the supernatural, anything is possible in this micro adventure game.

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