The Z Axis Continuum Review

Z Axis Continuum Review

Hi Gamers! Welcome to another review and today I am reviewing The Z-Axis Continuum. So what is this game? It’s a 2D puzzle platformer game inspired by Portal which started off as a popular little jam entry. It has since blossomed into the 30 level reality-defying monstrosity that it has become. All levels are carefully handcrafted (not randomly generated) to challenge even the most seasoned puzzle platformer fan’s understanding of physics, time, and space.


 You start off with very simple levels and the only way to get through the level is to change the orientation of the map. This affects the objects within the level and you will have to reach the white orb to complete the level. The further you go in the game the levels become more complex they become. Every time you change orientation of the map path will open up but other parts of the level with be blocked so you will have to plan ahead to be successful. There are many hazards to watch out for and overcome.


The Developer has created a good-looking 2-D game with its simple and pixel cartoon look. I really like the animation of the character. The developer has done a great job in the sound production in this game. the in-game music keeps you engage in the game all the time.


Meaty McLazerPantz has crafted a wonderful world with its puzzles and hazards to overcome. When you start playing it’s very hard to put the controller down because I was having so much fun playing. if you are a big fan of this action-puzzle platformer then this is a must buy for you.

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

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