VideoKid – Nintendo Switch Review

In VideoKid, you have just one life to reach Jessica and also deliver videos to your customers. This game is similar to Angry Grandma and Subway Surfers. The point of the this game is to get to your destination without hitting or being hit by the objects in the world. You will only have one life and when you fail, you start over.

Players who like games such has Tony Hawk will be able to pull off some sick moves on VideoKid’s skateboard, however get hit and its game over! You will earn cash, which can be used to purchase upgrades for your character. The longer you go without failing the harder the game gets. I really enjoyed failing, it was really fun and each “death”  or fail was a learning experience. There really isn’t much to VideoKid to be honest, your objective is to get from point A to B. That’s basically all the game entails and not much more.

The graphics of VideoKid is retro 8-bit that brings nostalgia with it. It’s actually a great looking game, it’s a great throwback to the Eighties. The game world is really well made, yet the lacks lasting appeal. The longer you play VideoKid, it gets boring. The difficulty increases but not the fun factor. Therein lies the problem of VideoKid, there is no lasting appeal. There is nothing that really keeps you wanting to come and play. For the price its a fun little game that makes a great Nintendo Switch title but not much else. Its nice to hope on every now and then, to try to reach your objective. Unfortunately it only takes a few minutes for the game to get boring.

My final verdict on this game is that while its a nice little title for the price but it seriously lacks any lasting value however. It became boring early on and never recovered. Its a combination of skateboarding, subway surfers, and old school Eighties throwback action. There are some really good level designs and I enjoyed the way the game played. I just wish it would have kept my attention longer then it did. I don’t plan on playing it again and that is sad. I just feel it really needs fresh content then this game will keep its fun factor longer then 20 minutes. I can’t say you should try it, but if you liked Subway Surfers, then you will more then likely like VideoKid as well.

I have to give VideoKid, 


  • Its fun, yet grows stale
  • Great Level designs 
  • Fluid Gameplay
  • Needs more content 

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