Warhammer Vermintide 2 – Shadows Over Bogenhafen Review

This review reflects my own personal views regarding the DLC for Warhammer Vermintide 2. The basic premise of this DLC is that the Blightreaper has come to Bogenhafen. You are tasked with saving the Bogenhafen and defeating the Blightreaper. What is included in this DLC is two new maps, tons of cosmetic items such as hats, skins, portrait frames, and illusions. There are also new quests and challenges.


If you loved the main game then you will feel at home with the DLC. Its more of the same and that’s a good thing. What made the game so enjoyable is that there was constant action and battles throughout. I really enjoyed the huge battles and the feeling of being surrounding by the worst enemies I’ve seen in gaming. The combat is very fluid and doesn’t change at all from what we saw in the game, the DLC just builds on it. I felt that there were tweaks or it may have just been me. I felt that picking up of potions were made easier and they felt faster to use as well. One of my complaints during my main campaign was using a health potion took forever. I also found that combat especially while using my preferred character the Witch Hunter, the sword and gun play felt more refined. The DLC really improved so many elements of the game’s combat. This is something rare and that you don’t find in most DLC releases. This is one of the best DLC release I’ve played in years. If you love Skyrim then you will be in for quite a treat. Shadows over Bogenhafen is easily better then any DLC that an Elder Scrolls game has released. Vermintide two’s DLC is far more brutal and has a lasting fun factor.


The game looks incredible! I really enjoyed the new area and thought that was actually better then the original game. The game obviously doesn’t look as good as other games on the market but it sure does standout with its level design and wonderfully crafted characters. Playing Vermintide two reminded me of Skyrim, with the game having similar world design.

Overall I’ve enjoyed my time with Shadows over Bogenhafen, and can’t wait for more adventures in Vermintide Two. I really enjoyed the DLC and it will keep you coming back for long after the fun is over.



-High Replay Value

-Wonderfully Crafted

-Best DLC I’ve played in Years

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