Zkiller Review

ZKiller: Is it Worth Buying?

Hi gamers and today I have another review. The game that I am reviewing is Zkiller. So what is this game, well ZKILLER is a First Person Shooter set in an apocalypse world in which waves of zombies try to kill you. Equip yourself with 30+ high-poly realistic weapons and blast over 20 different types of infected beings. Unlock and explore 5 levels to unleash the fury of hugely powerful bosses as you save mankind.


In 2020, a menacing conflict occurred between the nations around the world, so every politician was thinking about Biological warfare. The first country equipped with the bio-weapons initiated World War III by the release of a biological virus throughout the world. High-scale apocalypse with a gigantic number of casualties was the devastating result of this war. In this apocalypse, you as a zombie killer are survived to live long enough to see the future of the human race. The human race is under extinction due to a virus called z0k0. Z0K0 kills people after sometime and then transforms the people’s corpse into a zombie. Zombie is a walking corpse without any role of consciousness in it, and this thing is strongly interested in eating the flesh and drinking the blood. The blood of other living things like human… like you. So, survive…To survive, kill them all…


The gameplay in Zkiller is simple fighting against waves of zombies. There are 21+ different types of enemy including human-like zombies and also zombie dogs are strongly ready to bite you in the game. There are also 5 Powerful bosses to overcome so make sure you are ready. What I really like about Zkiller is the armory, there are so many different weapons to unlock in fact there are about 30 to unlock. After each wave, you will get a chance to reload your weapons and then carry on your fight.


Experience AAA quality visuals and post-processing with realistic lighting, full HD textures, bloom, enhanced contrast/color and ambient occlusion all running on 60 frames per second.
Enhanced particle systems and high-quality shadows are boosting the game beyond imaginations.
The game is fully optimized which can be run on almost all available devices.
I really like the music in the game with its Metal and hard rock tracks.


Zkiller is a simple zombie wave killing game with many great weapons to pick from. I really enjoyed my time playing, so if you are a fan of these types of games then I would recommend this.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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